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Peako BGES (Biomass Gasification Engine System) uses biomass feedstock to generate electric and heat energy to areas with local biomass fuel supply (e.g. agricultural residue or forestry waste), Off-Grid areas, areas where electricity is currently produced by diesel generators, areas with unreliable electrical supply, areas with expensive grid power, etc.

Peako BGES effectively utilizes locally available biomass fuel resources (many times are residue or waste), thus reducing the overall fuel costs and mitigating environmental impact while creating local jobs.

The standard ?Peako-500-COMPACT? module consists of a Bubbling fluidized bed gasifier and two modified V12 engines whose total rated output is 500kWe.

Modular BGES can be conveniently linked and scaled up to 2MW in increments of 500kWe

General Performance Specifications for Peako-500-COMPACT : 

Power available (Electrical)  : 500                kWe
Power available (Thermal) 1250              kWt
Biomass consumption : 1.1 ~ 2.0        kg/kWh
Gas heat value  : 4500 ~ 5500  kJ/Nm3
Gas capacity, max. : 1200              Nm3/hr
Gasification efficiency  : > 70               %
Self-consumed power : 20 ~ 60          kW
Continuous electrical output : 90%               of rated value


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